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Ornella Muti shows bush as her clothes are torn off in The Girl From Trieste (1983)Ornella Muti in The Girl From Trieste (1983)

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Ornella plays a bit of a nutjob in this Italian drama and in this scene she's stuck in a loony bin when she's attacked by a bunch of deranged female inmates. Luckily for us they decide to wrestle her to the ground and tear off her clothes leaving her completely nude and allowing us a look at her very hairy bush. Then they drag her onto the bed and one of them straddles her and dry humps her as she screams for mercy. So kind of a lesbian rape scene I guess - a bit rough to watch but with some great nudity to make up for it.

Jennifer Tilly topless in Hollywood North (2003)Jennifer Tilly in Hollywood North (2003)

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Playing the part of an actress, busty Jennifer is all smiles as she chats happily in a room full of the film crew as she prepares for a sex scene in bed with her co-star. When the director is ready to shoot the scene, she hands her robe to an assistant and we see a brief shot of her massive left breast before the camera rolls. It's quick but worth it, because although Jen was getting on a bit at 45 years old when this was filmed, her jugs weren't showing too much signs of sagging (which is quite remarkable considering how heavy those things must be!)

Sheryl Lee naked in Bliss (1997)Sheryl Lee in Bliss (1997)

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This sex scene has a topless Sheryl lying on her back in bed as her lover leans over her and fingers her. It's her first time and she says how scared she is, but luckily for her the guy is gentle and she cums without any pain. How sweet.

Sheryl Lee topless while having her pussy licked in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)Sheryl Lee in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

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A very drunk Sheryl sits topless in a seedy nightclub chatting to her gal pal, before pointing suggestively to a random guy sitting opposite her and giving him a sexy look. The dude doesn't need to be asked twice as he slips beneath the table and licks her pussy (which we unfortunately don't see). What we do see is her writhing in ecstasy with her titties on show. This is a hot clip.

Ornella Muti receiving oral sex whilst naked in Widows (1998)Ornella Muti in Widows (1998)

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A lucky young man gets to munch on the pussy of mature MILF Ornella in this hot scene. Unfortunately all we see are her breasts peeking above the sheets as our young hero does his stuff between her legs. Then he mounts her and puts his virgin dick into uncharted territory - what a woman to lose your cherry to.

Kate Beckinsale has her breast sucked and fondled in Uncovered (1994)Kate Beckinsale in Uncovered (1994)

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Young Kate allows older guy Art Malik to pull up her shirt and suck her pert left boob as they make out on a sofa in this quick but sexy scene. He proper goes for it on her tit, sucking as if he were trying to get some milk out of it - and who could blame him?!

Anne Hathaway nude in the bathtub in Rachel Getting Married (2008)Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married (2008)

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Anne is sitting nude in the tub having just been beaten up, so her sister is holding an ice-pack to her black eye and poor Anne is crying. Helpful sis is also giving her a hand shaving her pits and as she does so we can see a brief peek of nipple.

Asia Argento being pounded hard in Scarlet Diva (2000)Asia Argento in Scarlet Diva (2000)

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A large black dude is fucking a topless Asia from behind in this quick scene at the start of the movie and we get to see her boobs bounce around as he grabs her by the hair and pummels roughly away at her. She looks great in just fishnet stockings with her skirt bunched up around her waist getting it nice and hard.