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Mia Kirshner topless in The Black Dahlia (2006)Mia Kirshner in The Black Dahlia (2006)

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This is a terrible movie, but as usual Mia delivers some nice nude moments. Her character is acting in a lesbian porn flick with busty British beauty Jemima Rooper and we see Mia's mini mams as they stroke each others lovely slim bodies.

Salma Hayek fucking Colin Farrell in Ask The Dust (2006)Salma Hayek in Ask The Dust (2006)

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Salma lies back on the bed totally naked as Colin Farrell climbs aboard in this steamy sex scene. We are treated to great views of her huge natural breasts as she is fucked and there's a good close-up of her big erect nipples at the bottom of the screen as the director zooms in for a tight shot of the lovebirds snogging.

Jaime King has painted boobs in Happy Campers (2001)Jaime King in Happy Campers (2001)

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She lifts her shirt up for some dude in the woods to take a look at her titties. Unfortunately she's used bodypaint to change her nipples into eyes, but let's face it, it's still a cool shot of a supermodel's exposed jugs.

Nikki Fritz fucking her guy in Veronica 2030 (1999)Nikki Fritz in Veronica 2030 (1999)

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Nikki gets a good hard fucking as she rides her guy while he plays with her impressive melons in this futuristic (but still rather crap) erotic drama. Worth watching if hot chicks with big round fake boobs are your thing though.

Carla Gugino being raped by two women in Jaded (1996)Carla Gugino in Jaded (1996)

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Carla and two hot gal pals go skinny dipping at night. We see their asses in the moonlight as they run into the water and plenty of tits as they drunkenly frolic about in the waves. Getting back onto the sand laughing and giggling, things turn sinister as the girls pin her down on her back, make her drink more, beat her, stuff a gag in her mouth and finally violate her pussy by stuffing a bottle up it. Nice friends huh! You're best off ignoring the grimness and focussing on Carla's huge jiggling breasts as she's attacked. Nice views, sad scene.

Kirsten Dunst lies in bed topless after sex in Crazy/Beautiful (2001)Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful (2001)

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Having been fucked by a latino dude, Kirsten is lying in bed post-sex with her man, propped up on her elbow and chatting away topless. Meanwhile we can see a slight hint of her nipple behind her arm - it's not much, but it's definitely there.

Asia Argento naked in the bathroom in Scarlet Diva (2000)Asia Argento in Scarlet Diva (2000)

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Standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a cigarette hanging lazily out of her mouth isn't a great look for Asia. But then she takes off her bra and slips down her panties before starting to shave her armpits. Not a glamorous scene, but we are being treated to a fully frontal nude lady, so it's all good. Esepcially when she leans over to rinse her armpits and her breasts sway and jiggle. Outstanding.

Ornella Muti shows bush as her clothes are torn off in The Girl From Trieste (1983)Ornella Muti in The Girl From Trieste (1983)

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Ornella plays a bit of a nutjob in this Italian drama and in this scene she's stuck in a loony bin when she's attacked by a bunch of deranged female inmates. Luckily for us they decide to wrestle her to the ground and tear off her clothes leaving her completely nude and allowing us a look at her very hairy bush. Then they drag her onto the bed and one of them straddles her and dry humps her as she screams for mercy. So kind of a lesbian rape scene I guess - a bit rough to watch but with some great nudity to make up for it.