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Ali Larter Sex Scene Info

After a few minor roles in TV shows such as 'Dawson's Creek', Ali landed a role in Varsity Blues (1999) that got her noticed as she had a scene where she appeared naked except for some strategically placed whipped cream to preserve her modesty. It set male pulses racing and the movie offers came flooding in, raising hopes of some proper nudity from the tall, leggy beauty. But we had to wait until 2007 for a topless scene and even then it's only a quick nipple slip. So Ali has disappointed us on the skin front so far, though there's still time for her to mend her ways.


Ali Larter's Nude Scene Clips

Ali Larter naked as she dances in her room in Crazy (2007)
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Crazy (2007)

A seemingly drunk Ali and her boyfriend are larking around in their living room, dancing to some country music. Ali is wearing only panties and an unbuttoned shirt which, as she twirls around, gapes open enough for us to see her small right breast. Shame we couldn't have seen both tits, but one is better than none.

Ali Larter nude as she has sex in 3-Way (2004)
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3-Way (2004)

Ali and her guy are having sex on a bed unaware that a creepy guy is watching them from inside their wardrobe. Ali is face down on the bed and her man is fucking her doggy-style, allowing us a few nice glimpses of her smooth ass. Result.

Ali Larter covered in whipped cream in Varsity Blues (1999)
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Varsity Blues (1999)

This long scene sees Ali walk into the living room to try and seduce James van der Beek. Her tactic is to be completely naked except for some whipped cream covering each of her small boobs and her pussy, with a cherry on top of each nipple. This would work on most guys, but van der Beek is some kind of moron as he turns her down and makes her cry. Homo.

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