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Amy Smart Sex Scene Info

Amy's crowning moment of film nudity came in Road Trip (2000) when she sizzles up the screen by taking off her top to have sex with some lucky dude in his dorm room. The shot of her pretty face and topless breasts is iconic and launched her career as a sex symbol.


Amy Smart's Nude Scene Clips

Amy Smart is molested in a cop car in in Crank 2 (2009)
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Crank 2 (2009)

Stripper Amy is in the back of a cop car with only tape covering her breasts when she's molested by a lesbian stripper, who feels her up and squeezes her boobs as Amy struggles to get away from her.

Amy Smart nude as she fucks Jason Statham in in Crank 2 (2009)
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Crank 2 (2009)

Amy and boyfriend Jason Statham are fucking on a race track, cheered on by the crowd as Jason pounds her before they switch positions and she rides him. There's a great close-up of her tits as Jason rips off her top.

Amy Smart shows her ass in the tub in in Mirrors (2008)
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Mirrors (2008)

Amy lowers her perfect nude body into the bath for a gentle soaking, showing the camera her lovely round ass. Then things turn nasty as she is brutally murdered by her own reflection.

Amy Smart is embarrassed that she's exposed in public in in Crank (2006)
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Crank (2006)

Amy is leaning over Jason Statham as he lies injured in the street. He is ok though and decides he wants to fuck her there and then, in the middle of a crowd of people. So he reaches up and rips open her dress, exposing her left tit, as she tries to fight him off and screams "No!" at him, embarrassed that all the onlookers can see her boob.

Amy Smart is topless as she fucks her guy in in Road Trip (2000)
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Road Trip (2000)

Amy peels off her sexy nightwear of just a tight tank top and skimpy panties to climb on top of Breckin Meyer and ride his cock. We are treated to well-lit close-ups of her perky breasts in this great scene.

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