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Anna Faris Sex Scene Info

The girl who came to all red-blooded males' attention in the Scary Movie series of send-up films waited a loooong time to show us some proper skin in a nude scene. There were a couple of brief ass flashes before 2008's The House Bunny saw her walk around her college dorm totally naked. Check it out for a nice peek at her bare butt.


Anna Faris's Nude Scene Clips

Anna Faris walks around nude after taking a shower in in The House Bunny (2008)
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The House Bunny (2008)

Miss Faris has just taken a shower in her sorority house when she emerges wearing a towel on her head and one around her body. She then discards the one around her lovely body and walks around nude for a few seconds, although the annoying director keeps putting things in between the camera and her pussy and breasts. So we only get a nice rear shot of her ass, but it's still cool.

Anna Faris has a butt slippage moment in in Smiley Face (2007)
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Smiley Face (2007)

She is literally thrown out of a shop and we can see her butt crack as she lands. It's quick so you'll need the pause button.

Anna Faris shows her bare ass in in Scary Movie (2000)
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Scary Movie (2000)

Anna is getting it on with her man in bed as he takes off her jeans and starts to remove her panties. She's lying there in just her bra but we don't see anything at this point. Towards the end of the scene we see her naked ass though.

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