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Cameron Diaz Sex Scene Info

After bursting onto the Hollywood scene as a pretty 22 year old with a killer body in 1994's The Mask, much was expected of Cameron in terms of nudity. Unfortunately she's managed to go her entire career without doing a proper nude scene. However, in three of her films she accidentally revealed her boobs in nipple slip moments, so despite Cameron's best efforts at keeping covered up, she didn't quite manage it.


Cameron Diaz's Nude Scene Clips

Cameron Diaz has a wardrobe malfunction in Gangs of New York (2002)
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Gangs of New York (2002)

Playing a prostitue, Cameron has a fight with a guy and as they whack each other, he gets her in a bear hug and lifts her up, at which point her ill-fitting dress shifts to reveal her left tit. Oops!

Cameron Diaz accidentally shows her nip in Vanilla Sky (2001)
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Vanilla Sky (2001)

As she lies in bed wearing just a nightie arguing with Tom Cruise, there's a quick nip slip when she rolls over. It's sexy but brief, so be ready to hit the pause button folks.

Cameron Diaz has a nipple slip in Feeling Minnesota (1996)
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Feeling Minnesota (1996)

As Cameron is thrown to the floor by a nasty baddie, her top gives way slightly and amidst the struggling as she tries to fight him off, her right nipple slips into view. It's a blurry shot, but it's there.

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