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Dominique Sanda Sex Scene Info

Pretty French pastry Dominique worked as a model before getting into acting and was certainly not shy about getting her kit off once she did. She appeared nude in no less than 14 movies, revealing just about every inch of her body, most notably in 1900 (1976) opposite Robert de Niro. And just in case anyone alive in the 70s didn't catch her naked in theaters, she also did a nude Playboy spread for good measure. Way to go Dominique.


Dominique Sanda's Nude Scene Clips

Dominique Sanda nude in Le Voyage en Douce (1980)
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Le Voyage en Douce (1980)

French beauty Dominique stands by the bed of her grandma and takes off all her nightwear, showing us her breasts and pussy before getting into bed with her gran, who proceeds to rest her head on Dominique's chest and then actually kisses her left breast. Strange but true - a pretty weird nude scene.

Dominique Sanda gets her breasts out in Le Voyage en Douce (1980)
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Le Voyage en Douce (1980)

Strolling through the woods with her female friend, Dom is suddenly overcome with an urge to pull the straps of her top down and we get a look at her medium sized boobs once more.

Dominique Sanda naked in 1900 (1976)
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1900 (1976)

Some two and a half hours into this extraordinarily long epic from Bernardo Bertolucci, Dominique has a sex scene in which she lies back on some bales of hay and invites Robert Deniro to jump aboard. Which he promptly does, but not before we get an overhead distant shot of her hairy pussy to go with the earlier close-up of her tits.

Dominique Sanda has her shirt pulled open in Story of a Love Story (1973)
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Story of a Love Story (1973)

A middle aged guy unbuttons her shirt to reveal her naked breasts and proceeds to kiss them in this quick but titillating scene.

Dominique Sanda gets her tits out in The Conformist (1970)
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The Conformist (1970)

Dominique pulls her leotard off her shoulders and down to her waist, revealing her delightfully perky boobs before approaching her lover, who seems oddly disinterested in doing anything sexual. Gay boy.

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