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Elisha Cuthbert Sex Scene Info

After bursting onto our small screens playing Kiefer Sutherland's sexy as hell teenage daughter in '24', much was expected of Elisha in the nudity stakes. Hopes of nude role after nude role were dashed when she was quoted as saying "I'll never be fully nude in a movie and you can quote me on that." And do you know what - so far she's been annoyingly true to her word. Sure, we saw some side boob and thong action in The Girl Next Door (2004), a poor rip-off of superior cult 80s film Risky Business (1983) with the fabulous Rebecca de Mornay in the Cuthbert role. But we've yet to be treated to Elisha's breasts in a proper naked sex scene.


Elisha Cuthbert's Nude Scene Clips

Elisha Cuthbert shows her breasts in The Girl Next Door (2004)
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The Girl Next Door (2004)

A horny teenager peeks into Elisha's bedroom window as she changes and is rewarded with the sight of some side-boob as she takes off her bra. Unfortunately Elisha falls just short of more meaningful nudity - no nipples for us.

Elisha Cuthbert in her underwear in Old School (2003)
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Old School (2003)

Elisha bounces around Luke Wilson's bedroom in her underwear, giving us tantalising glimpses of what her nubile body may look like underneath. I mean, just check out that ass...

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