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Jennifer Aniston Sex Scene Info

Best known for her portrayal of spoilt Rachel in the smash series Friends, Jennifer has struggled to hit the same heights in her film career. Her personal life was certainly front page news though, marrying and then divorcing Brad Pitt before he traded her in for younger model Angelina Jolie. Her nude roles were similarly disappointing what with there only being two of them - a fuzzy shot of her butt in The Break Up (1996) and dark footage of her breasts as she screws in bleak drama The Good Girl (2002).


Jennifer Aniston's Nude Scene Clips

Jennifer Aniston shows her ass in The Break Up (2006)
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The Break Up (2006)

In an attempt to turn on her onscreen (and at the time real-life) boyfriend, Jen walks around their apartment in the nude. But the spoilsport director only films her from the back and the waist up, except for a couple of quick and blurry shots of her ass in the distance as she leaves the room.

Jennifer Aniston raped in Derailed (2005)
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Derailed (2005)

Jennifer is in a hotel room with her lover Clive Owen and they're about to have sex when baddie Vincent Cassell bursts in. After knocking out Clive he takes a shine to our Jen and ends up raping her in an uncomfortable scene to watch. Only Jen's top half is shown during the attack and he doesn't take off her bra, but it is lacy and her nipples can be seen as her big boobs strain against the flimsy garment threatening to spill out, although unfortunately they never do.

Jennifer Aniston side boob nudity in Rumor Has It (2005)
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Rumor Has It (2005)

Ms Aniston is sitting topless on her bed but shown only from the neck up. She stands up and puts on a shirt with the camera behind her, and as she puts her arm into the sleeve the side of her lovely right tit swings into view, although unfortunately there's no nipple showing.

Jennifer Aniston fucking Jake Gyllenhaal in The Good Girl (2002)
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The Good Girl (2002)

Naughty Jennifer cheats on her dull husband with handsome younger co-worker Jake Gyllenhaal in this sex scene. Jake is on top of her fucking away and each time he moves we see her breasts. It's a little dark and hard to see clearly, but it's the only time she's got her tits out in the movies (or TV) so make the most of it.

Jennifer Aniston perky nipples in Rock Star (2001)
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Rock Star (2001)

Jenifer arrives at the airport with her boyfriend Mark Wahlberg and is braless, wearing just a thin top over her magnificent mammaries. Luckily for us her puffy nipples can be clearly seen straining against the material. No nudity, but she looks hot.

Jennifer Aniston has pokie nipples in She's the One (1996)
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She's the One (1996)

A young looking Jen is lying in bed with her boyfriend wearing just a sexy nightie. Her big boobs jiggle about underneath the thin fabric every time she moves, especially when she leans forward and we can peek at her cleavage. Her pokie nipples also make themselves seen through the flimsy nightgown. Sexy stuff.

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