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Jennifer Garner Sex Scene Info

Jennifer is one of the few actresses who's on Hollywoood's A list without having done any decent nudity. It shouldn't be allowed but it is, and all we've had off Jen is an accidental slip of her jeans to show us the top of her ass in 'Alias' as sexy Sydney drop-kicks some loser. How disappointing.


Jennifer Garner's Nude Scene Clips

Jennifer Garner reveals butt crack in Alias (TV) (2003)
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Alias (TV) (2003)

Jennifer beats the crap out of some baddie on an aeroplane and as she does one of her high kicking kung-fu manouevres, her jeans slide down a tiny amount and reveal some butt crack.

Jennifer Garner nude in the shower in Alias (TV) (2003)
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Alias (TV) (2003)

Gorgeous Jennifer is nude in the shower and pokes her head out from behind the semi-transparent shower curtain to talk to someone, allowing us a semi-transparent look at her breasts through the curtain. Not quite nude, but sexy as hell.

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