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Jennifer Tilly Sex Scene Info

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To younger viewers, husky voiced Jennifer Tilly may be more famous for being a sexy MILF who's a good poker player, having won much money as a poker pro on the circuit in recent times and appearing in numerous celebrity poker TV shows. But us older guys remember her for that erotic lesbian sex scene with Gina Gershon in Bound (1996) and for busting her massive mammaries out in movies such as Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000), Shadow of the Wolf (1992) and Fast Sofa (2001).


Jennifer Tilly's Nude Scene Clips

Jennifer Tilly topless in Hollywood North (2003)
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Hollywood North (2003)

Playing the part of an actress, busty Jennifer is all smiles as she chats happily in a room full of the film crew as she prepares for a sex scene in bed with her co-star. When the director is ready to shoot the scene, she hands her robe to an assistant and we see a brief shot of her massive left breast before the camera rolls. It's quick but worth it, because although Jen was getting on a bit at 45 years old when this was filmed, her jugs weren't showing too much signs of sagging (which is quite remarkable considering how heavy those things must be!)

Jennifer Tilly has her huge tits out in Fast Sofa (2001)
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Fast Sofa (2001)

Jennifer pulls down the straps of her skimpy black party dress to reveal a leopard print bra to Jake Busey. Then she grabs her huge hooters and mashes them around erotically, trying to turn Busey on, before taking his hand and placing it on each of her tits in turn. He has a good grope and she whips her bra off, unveiling her great rack before turning her back to Busey who promptly fucks her from behind as she moans in delight.

Jennifer Tilly dancing nude on stage in Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000)
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Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000)

This cool movie about a group of strippers features a number of hot ladies getting naked on stage (including Daryl Hannah, Sandra Oh, Charlotte Ayanna, Kristin Bauer and Sheila Kelley). But if you're into curvy brunettes with big racks, Jennifer Tilly's nude scene will be your favorite. On the 33 minute mark she whips off her jacket showing the crowd her lovely jubblies and does a sexy pole dance amidst much whooping and hollering from the approving guys.

Jennifer Tilly has lesbian sex with Gina Gershon in Bound (1996)
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Bound (1996)

We get a lovely close-up of Jen's heaving bosom in this very famous and very hot lesbian scene with Gina Gershon. The duo are naked on a bed with Jennifer on top of Gina stroking her pussy as they kiss hard and lustfully, while the camera pans down Jenny's back showing us her perfect round ass. Then it pans back up their bodies showing a breast each before the scene ends with Gina climaxing loud and hard - sexy stuff.

Jennifer Tilly fucking Michael Madsen in The Getaway (1994)
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The Getaway (1994)

Although this movie is more famous for Kim Basinger's excellent nudity (including a great full frontal pussy-showing sex scene with ex-hubby Alec Baldwin) it shouldn't be forgotten that voluptuous beauty Jennifer also gets her melons out as she rides Michael Madsen in this scene. It's a bit grainy because it's a long shot filmed from the doorway of the bedroom, but check out her bouncing boobs and pert butt as she rides herself to orgasm before her husband interrupts them and spoils her fun.

Jennifer Tilly shows her huge breasts in Shadow of the Wolf (1992)
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Shadow of the Wolf (1992)

A realtive unknown at the time, Jennifer's first nude scene came in this period drama playing a native American in the middle of a love triangle. Peeling off what looks like a sack cloth she was wearing, we get a lovely close shot of her C cup breasts as she climbs aboard Lou Diamond Phillips and rides him, flashing a very quick peek of bush in the process. Then Lou flips her over and roughly finishes her off missionary style.