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Kari Wuhrer Sex Scene Info

A former model and MTV host, Kari got a boob job and started landing roles in B movies which required little more of her than to say a few lines and take her clothes off. Which was fine by us. Check out Luscious (1997) for her best example of this, which shows full frontal nudity. She then took the implants out in 2003 and premiered her natural breasts in King of the Ants (2003). Make up your own mind as to whether she looks better with or without the silicone.


Kari Wuhrer's Nude Scene Clips

Kari Wuhrer naked in a nightmare sequence in King of the Ants (2003)
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King of the Ants (2003)

A quick look at Kari's breasts after she'd had her implants removed. This nightmare sequence shows Kari nude, but as the camera pans down her lovely figure we see a huge prosthetic cock where her pussy should be - scary!

Kari Wuhrer shows her big breasts in Spider's Web (2001)
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Spider's Web (2001)

Kari sits astride lucky dog Stephen Baldwin and peels off her top, unleashing her fake but lovely tits as they make out. Baldwin then licks and fondles her breasts, paying particular attention to her stiff nipples, beofre they have an argument and stop abruptly.

Kari Wuhrer totally naked as she poses for a nude painting in Luscious (1997)
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Luscious (1997)

This brilliant long scene sees Kari strip off to pose as a nude model for her painter boyfriend. You can feast your eyes on her luscious body as she is fully naked, focusing on her sexy pussy and pert breasts.

Kari Wuhrer is painted by her boyfriend in Luscious (1997)
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Luscious (1997)

Kari and her guy literally paint each other, pouring paint all over themselves and smearing their bodies all the colors of the rainbow before fucking on the floor. There's some nice looks at Kari's fit body, although it's covered in paint by the end of this lengthy scene.

Kari Wuhrer has sex with her guy in Sex and the Other Man (1997)
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Sex and the Other Man (1997)

Kari and her guy go at it in this long and steamy scene. Lying topless on the bed, Kari looks gorgeous and her man can't help but fondle her boobs before pulling down her jeans allowing us a good look at her ass too. Then they have sex, with Kari climbing on top.

Kari Wuhrer topless after having a shower in Terminal Justice (1995)
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Terminal Justice (1995)

Kari is taking a shower when her pissed off boyfriend opens the door and drags her out, at which point they have an argument for a few seconds before he storms off leaving her confused, cold and shivering and allowing us a close-up look at her breasts.

Kari Wuhrer shows Jack Nicholson her breasts in The Crossing Guard (1995)
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The Crossing Guard (1995)

For some reason Kari is wasting her self fucking wrinkly Jack Nicholson in this film, and in this scene she flashes her heavenly chest as she walks around the bedroom topless wearing only a tiara. Check out her pointy plastic titties.

Kari Wuhrer nude as she gets out of the shower in Boulevard (1994)
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Boulevard (1994)

A nice shower scene which shows a distressed Kari scrubbing away at her lovely boobs with a huge sponge. Then when she gets out of the shower we see her bush and ass before she wraps a towel around herself.

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