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Kristanna Loken Sex Scene Info

The first time most people saw Kristanna she was nude on the streets of LA. That was the opening scene of her big-break role in Terminator 3 (2003) and whetted the appetite for more of this gorgeous young creature. This followed in a couple of B movies, but her best nudity came in lesbian TV drama 'The L Word' in 2007, where she shared many erotic lesbian sex scenes with co-star Katherine Moenigg. She no doubt enjoyed filming them more than her heterosexual sex scenes seeing as she's a dyke in real life.


Kristanna Loken's Nude Scene Clips

Kristanna Loken shows side boob at the doctor's in Painkiller Jane (TV) (2007)
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Painkiller Jane (TV) (2007)

Kristana is getting her back checked out by a male doctor as it has loads of scratches down it. The doc gets rather uncomfortable when Kristanna turns around to face him and he sees her breasts, which Kristanna thinks is cute. We only see some side boob, but it's sexy.

Kristanna Loken nude in a lesbian sex scene in The L Word (TV) (2007)
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The L Word (TV) (2007)

Kristanna shows tits and ass as she shares a lengthy lesbian scene with Katherine Moennig which is intercut with scenes of domestic bliss such as housework. Ignore all that and concentrate on Kristanna's hanging hooters as she lezzes it up with her dyke pal.

Kristanna Loken topless in a car fucking a dyke in The L Word (TV) (2007)
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The L Word (TV) (2007)

Kristanna and Katherine enjoy another bonkathon, this time in a car with steamed up windows the action is so raunchy! There's much erotic moaning from Kristanna as she sits topless astride Katherine, who sucks her breasts and bites her nipples as they make out.

Kristanna Loken fucking her lover passionately in Bloodrayne (2005)
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Bloodrayne (2005)

Kristanna enjoys a frantic fuck in a prison cell in this hot scene. She pulls her lover's pants down and wraps her bare legs around him while he stands, impaling herself on his cock. Then he rips open her top, unleashing her boobs which he proceeds to fondle and suck as she moans and rides him faster. The director kindly does lots of zooming in on Kristanna's rack throughout - well played that man.

Kristanna Loken shows her breasts while fucking in Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (2004)
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Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (2004)

A quick look at Kristanna's nipple as she has some outdoor nookie in this sex scene which, although both participants are totally nude, shows very little in the way of skin.

Kristanna Loken nude having time-travelled in Terminator 3 (2003)
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Terminator 3 (2003)

Kristanna plays a terminator who's just landed in the present from the future and - as all time travellers in the Terminator series - has to travel through time nude. So she emerges on the street at night completely naked, allowing us good looks at her ass and the odd peek at a nipple poking through her annoyingly long hair.

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