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Marilyn Chambers Sex Scene Info

A porn star of the 1970s, Marilyn tried her hand at mainstream acting in 1977 in David Cronenberg's horror flick Rabid, which brought her fabulous body and sex appeal to the masses for the first time. She never really followed that up and reverted to porn, filming well into her 40s and still looking good. Unfortunately she died in 2009 aged just 57.


Marilyn Chambers's Nude Scene Clips

Marilyn Chambers nude in Desire (1997)
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Desire (1997)

This sexy scene sees Marilyn tied to a bed blindfolded while her lover strips off her clothes and caresses her fine body with a large feather, before mounting her and fucking her in a variety of positions, including a very acrobatic one where her head is on the floor while her lower body remains on the bed. She is very lithe and agile for a 45 year old! Great looks at her fake breasts and hairy pussy, even if the scene is a little cheesy and her man doesn't even have the decency to remove his socks.

Marilyn Chambers naked in Bedtime Stories (1993)
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Bedtime Stories (1993)

The blonde porn star shows off her big round tits as she screws her guy on a bed in this short but erotic scene. By the way, this softcore made for TV movie also features nude scenes from Camille Donatacci, Isabelle Fortea, Victoria Frost, Theresa Lynn and Donna Salvatore and is worth checking out as all of them are hot babes.

Marilyn Chambers topless in the bath in Angel Of Heat (1982)
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Angel Of Heat (1982)

Marilyn shares a cosy bubble bath with a lucky man who gets to soap her lovely knockers as they sit in the water. A good close view of her chest.

Marilyn Chambers with her breasts on show in Rabid (1977)
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Rabid (1977)

Cult director David Cronenberg gave 25 year old Marilyn her first mainstream film role after she'd established herself as a leading pornstar when she starred in this horror movie about a young woman possessed. In this hot scene she is sleeping in a hospital bed after a car crash and suddenly starts thrashing around. As the doctor comes in to try and restrain her her nightie is pulled down and her pert little tits are exposed, which is how they remain even as the doc is holding her down. The doc is obviously gay as not once does he sneak a peek at Marilyn's cute little jugs. And then when she asks him to hold her, he hesitates and leaves! Fool.

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