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Melanie Griffith Sex Scene Info

Sexy siren Melanie is just as famous for her on/off/on/off relationship with Miami Vice legend Don Johnson as she is for her acting career. Never blessed with fantastic acting ability, she was however blessed with a smokin' body and pretty face which she used fully to forge a successfull career featuring plenty of skin. Her best nudity came in the 1977 film Ha Gan which sees her wandering around a forest completely nude.


Melanie Griffith's Nude Scene Clips

Melanie Griffith flashes her breasts in Nobody's Fool (1994)
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Nobody's Fool (1994)

This short but good scene features Melanie interrupting Paul Newman as he's talking to her by lifting up her sweater to flash her bare breasts at him. Not sure why she did that, but who cares! By this stage in her career Mel had opted for a boob job and this is one of the better ones I've seen - her tits look nice and real.

Melanie Griffith is spied on naked in Body Double (1984)
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Body Double (1984)

Pervy Perverson is standing in Melanie's garden with a big fuck-off camera taking pics as she dances about in her bedroom wearing just panties and an open shirt, allowing us a voyeuristic look at her boobies. She then lies on her bed and strokes her long smooth legs seductively - does she know she's being watched, that's the question.

Melanie Griffith doing a striptease on stage in Fear City (1984)
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Fear City (1984)

This hot scene has Mel as a stripper on stage in just a tiny red thong, giving the punters an eyeful of her pert ass and cute titties. It's a sexy performance from this lovely babe as she tosses her blonde hair around and really plays to the crowd. Top stuff.

Melanie Griffith riding Jeff Daniels in Something Wild (1977)
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Something Wild (1977)

Melanie Griffiths stars as a wild girl in this cult classic which really put her in the big time, an din this sexy scene she handcuffs poor Jeff Daniels to the bed and straddles him before tearing off her bra and allowing us a long look at her breasts and their lovely pink nipples.

Melanie Griffith walking around nude in Ha Gan (1977)
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Ha Gan (1977)

Melanie was 20 when she made this film but she looks a lot younger, possessing the slim young body of the nubile teenager she was portraying. In this strange clip she is wandering through the forest totally nude, mimicking a weird old guy as he dances about in front of her. Don't bother watching him though, concentrate on Melanie's pussy and tight little butt.

Melanie Griffith skinny dipping in Night Moves (1975)
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Night Moves (1975)

18 year old Melanie takes off her clothes on a boat at night and dives into the water completely naked except for a snorkel and flippers to check out the marine life. She surfaces to talk to Gene Hackman, and as she dives to go under again we see a close-up of her ass and pussy - it's almost a gyno shot really, but it's quick so hit that pause button! Then we see underwater nudity of her trim body as she swims towards a wreckage.

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