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Mia Kirshner Sex Scene Info

Sexy Canadian Mia is best known for her starring role as a lesbian in dyke series 'The L Word' which features tons of nude women lezzing it up. Including Mia thankfully, who bared bush, breasts and butt during her four year portrayal of naive-lesbian-coming-out-of-the-closet Jenny. She has also notably done sterling nudity as a nubile 19 year old in Exotica (1994) and has gotten naked in numerous other roles too.


Mia Kirshner's Nude Scene Clips

Mia Kirshner topless in The Black Dahlia (2006)
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The Black Dahlia (2006)

This is a terrible movie, but as usual Mia delivers some nice nude moments. Her character is acting in a lesbian porn flick with busty British beauty Jemima Rooper and we see Mia's mini mams as they stroke each others lovely slim bodies.

Mia Kirshner shows her pussy in The L Word (2005)
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The L Word (2005)

Mia has had tons of nude scenes in lusty lesbian TV drama 'The L Word', but this is her best. In a dream sequence she is shown stripping on stage while a bunch of rowdy, grizzled-looking guys cheer her on. We see her titties as she seductively peels off her black bra, before bringing matters to a rousing finale when she pulls down her panties exposing a hairy pussy, much to the crowd's delight.

Mia Kirshner naked in the shower in Now and Forever (2002)
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Now and Forever (2002)

A nice shower scene which shows a naked sobbing Mia washing her breasts and we get some good close-ups of her soapy tits before she sits down and has a proper cry. Awww.

Mia Kirshner fucking her man in Century Hotel (2001)
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Century Hotel (2001)

Mia shows her perfect pert ass and some hanging tits as she has sex with her man in bed, grinding on his cock until they both reach a shuddering climax.

Mia Kirshner doing a sexy striptease in Exotica (1994)
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Exotica (1994)

This cult classic stars Bruce Greenwood as a troubled man who goes to a strip club and is the lucky recipient of a lap dance from 19 year old Mia, who is sexily dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl in a plaid mini skirt and white blouse which is unbuttoned all the way, showing her boobs as she dances.

Mia Kirshner is almost raped in Love and Human Remains (1993)
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Love and Human Remains (1993)

A nasty guy opens Mia's dress and roughly rips off her bra, allowing her pert 18 year old boobs to spring free and giving us a clear but quick view of her right pink nipple.

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