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Nastassja Kinski Sex Scene Info

If screen nudity was an Olympic sport then Nastasja would be a Gold medal winner. The daughter of legendary hell raiser Klaus Kinski has appeared naked in over 20 films, most in her native Germany but also notably in Hollywood productions such as Cat People (1982) which saw her tied completely starkers to a bed. And To the Devil a Daughter (1976) which was her first nude scene and involved the 17 year old nymph doing a full frontal shot walking through a garden showing us her bush.


Nastassja Kinski's Nude Scene Clips

Nastassja Kinski shows her tit in One Night Stand (1997)
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One Night Stand (1997)

This nice long sex scene starts with Wesley Snipes cuddling her in bed, running his hands over her panty-covered ass. Then she straddles Wes, mounting his dick while unbuttoning her nightgown and revealing her right breast and a very erect nipple. Lucky Wesley then gets to put his hands all over her pert little boobies while they fuck.

Nastassja Kinski examines her boobs in the mirror in Maria's Lovers (1984)
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Maria's Lovers (1984)

Natasha checks herself out in the mirror, pulling the right strap of her top down revealing her breast and giving herself a sexy smile - she obviously likes what she sees (as do we!) Then she sits on the bed and the camera moves right between her legs showing her stockings and suspenders as horny Nastassja rubs her pussy through her panties and starts to get herself off, eventually bringing herself to orgasm with her right tit on show the whole time.

Nastassja Kinski nude in the shower in Unfaithfully Yours (1984)
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Unfaithfully Yours (1984)

Natassja gets totally naked for this shower scene showing her small boobs and sexy butt as Dudley Moore throws a hissy fit outside the bathroom door for some reason.

Nastassja Kinski nipple slip in Spring Symphony (1983)
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Spring Symphony (1983)

Because this film is a period drama, Nastassja is wearing just a tight corset in this scene and as she lifts the dress she is about to put on over her head, her little boobs peek out over the top of the corset and we see a quick nip slip.

Nastassja Kinski naked and tied up in Cat People (1982)
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Cat People (1982)

Nastassja takes off her shirt and chats to John Heard for a while with her breasts on display. Then he ties nude Nastassja spread-eagled to the bed, with her hairy pussy on show as they prepare for a bit of kinky fun in this hot sex scene. He looks very serious as he strips naked and climbs on top of her - lucky git.

Nastassja Kinski shows her pussy in Stay As You Are (1978)
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Stay As You Are (1978)

A very sexy scene featuring a teenage Miss Kinski at her nubile best aged just 19. Nastassja's very lucky older lover runs his hand up her perfectly smooth body as she lies fully nude on her front, before the scene cuts to them having breakfast. Nastasja gets up (showing her beaver, ass and breasts) and playfully takes some food from his plate. Then she licks her spoon suggestively, gets up and insists he bites her juicy ass. Which he does and which she loves - you little minx Nastassja.

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