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Ornella Muti Sex Scene Info

Italian beauty Ornella Muti started as she meant to go on in her movie career by doing full frontal nudity in her first ever film role aged just 16. That's right, 16! What's naughty over here is perfectly acceptable in liberal minded Italy it seems. By the time she came to America's attention playing the sexy daughter of Ming the Merciless in Hollywood production Flash Gordon (1980) she was already a sex symbol in Europe having racked up numerous nude roles showing off her lovely boobs and pert butt.


Ornella Muti's Nude Scene Clips

Ornella Muti has her breasts out while changing in Somewhere in the City (1998)
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Somewhere in the City (1998)

Sultry Italian beauty Ornella changes her shirt and shows that despite being 43 years old, she still has a lovely body and two cute boobs. Why is she with that bald loser in the vest?

Ornella Muti receiving oral sex whilst naked in Widows (1998)
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Widows (1998)

A lucky young man gets to munch on the pussy of mature MILF Ornella in this hot scene. Unfortunately all we see are her breasts peeking above the sheets as our young hero does his stuff between her legs. Then he mounts her and puts his virgin dick into uncharted territory - what a woman to lose your cherry to.

Ornella Muti is peeped on while nude in La Domenica Specialmente (1991)
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La Domenica Specialmente (1991)

Ornella drops her towel in the bathroom as she prepares to shower, but she's left the door open and is unaware that a horny older guy is getting a right eyeful via a mirror of her peachy ass as she stands naked with her back to him.

Ornella Muti shows bush as her clothes are torn off in The Girl From Trieste (1983)
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The Girl From Trieste (1983)

Ornella plays a bit of a nutjob in this Italian drama and in this scene she's stuck in a loony bin when she's attacked by a bunch of deranged female inmates. Luckily for us they decide to wrestle her to the ground and tear off her clothes leaving her completely nude and allowing us a look at her very hairy bush. Then they drag her onto the bed and one of them straddles her and dry humps her as she screams for mercy. So kind of a lesbian rape scene I guess - a bit rough to watch but with some great nudity to make up for it.

Ornella Muti topless in bed in Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)
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Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)

Short clip of a topless Ornella talking to her bloke in bed. This movie was made in the same year she made her most famous movie, Flash Gordon, which is when most American audiences first noticed the petite bombshell with the sexy accent. But Italian cinema-goers had known about her for years.

Ornella Muti gets her nightgown ripped open in Appasionatta (1974)
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Appasionatta (1974)

Ornella is hiding behind the toilet from her father when he bursts in, roughly pulls her by the arm and rips open her nightgown, inspecting her for bruises or something. Or that's his excuse anyway. A bit of an incestuous scene but then again he doesn't do anything sexual to her, just has a good old look at her perky young tits complete with massive areolas and puffy nipples. Hmmm.

Ornella Muti naked on the beach in Summer Affair (1971)
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Summer Affair (1971)

Ornella was just 16 when she filmed this romantic drama, but it's perfectly legal over in Europe for their young actresses to do nudity at that age. In this beach scene she pulls off her towel while reclining in the sand to show her boyfriend her nubile young body and a very well developed set of boobs, which the camera zooms in on briefly before settling on a close-up of her extraordinarily pretty green eyes. What a genuine beauty this girl was.

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