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Pamela Anderson Sex Scene Info

Pammy was spotted on the jumbo screen at a baseball game and given a beer commercial to star in on the back of that. She then had a small part in sitcom Home Improvement before hitting the big time with Baywatch, giving millions of horny adolescents wank material as she ran down the beach in her famous red swimsuit. As a Playboy star her breasts and pussy had already been on display by the time she did nude roles in B movies such as Snapdragon (1993) and Raw Justice (1994) but it was her big-budget big-flop role in 1995's Barb Wire that saw the best of Pam, getting her huge plastic fantastics out throughout the film.


Pamela Anderson's Nude Scene Clips

Pamela Anderson nipple slip in Scary Movie 3 (2003)
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Scary Movie 3 (2003)

In a spoof of the opening scene of Scream, Pammy plays the Drew Barrymore role and is running about in her sexy white bra with her nipple slightly on show. Not very revealing compared to her earlier work, but a nipple slip from the ultimate sex symbol of the 90s is well worth checking out (it's more of an areola slip really, but it's still damn sexy).

Pamela Anderson nude in Barb Wire (1995)
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Barb Wire (1995)

Pam is hanging upside down from a trapeze wearing a skin-tight leather dress that's unbuttoned at her chest allowing her massive breasts to spill out, whilst water is sprayed at her from offscreen. I'm not sure why this is happening, but frankly who cares. The idea is to stare at her remarkable tits and you'd be well advised to do so.

Pamela Anderson having sex in Naked Souls (1995)
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Naked Souls (1995)

Pamela's boyfriend unbuttons and removes her shirt as they make out in front of a roaring fire (no cliche is left out in this particular love scene) and the director sensibly zooms in for a close up of her big fake boobs. Then we cut to Pam sitting astride her man and bending down to kiss him while he reaches up to grab himself a handful of titty. Nice work if you can get it.

Pamela Anderson with her tits out  in Pamela Anderson with the Girls of Eden Quest (1995)
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Pamela Anderson with the Girls of Eden Quest (1995)

This 55 minute film follows Pammy and some other softcore models as they travel around being photographed in various locations. A kind of naughty calendar on film if you will. So there's plenty of semi naked action, including this scene when Pam and a pal pose topless in the sea.

Pamela Anderson fucking in the rain in Raw Justice (1994)
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Raw Justice (1994)

This terrible B movie is saved by the fact Ms Anderson does a couple of sex scenes, the first of which is quite erotic actually. A guy takes her into an alley at night and pins her against a wall before lifting up her tight top whereupon we discover Pam has gone braless this evening. He squeezes and gropes her juicy jugs before sucking her nipples as she arches her back in ecstasy before he heads further south, turning her around and pulling her denim mini-skirt down to kiss and paw her curvy bare ass. The camera films from the waist up when he gets his dick out and begins pumping in and out of her from behind, grabbing her breasts as he fucks the shit out of her.

Pamela Anderson riding her man naked in Snapdragon (1993)
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Snapdragon (1993)

This bedroom scene opens with a shot of a roaring fire (I know, I know) and then pans to the bed where Pam is on top of her guy, who reaches up to suckle at her breast before sliding her red panties down her smooth legs in preparation for some hot sex. There are candles everywhere in an otherwise dark room (oh the cheesiness) and the next shot sees Pam dangling her heavy hooters as she takes a ride on her gentleman friend's cock, occasionally tousling her long blonde hair and giving her lover some sensual smouldering looks as she wriggles about in ecstasy.

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