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Paris Hilton Sex Scene Info

Heiress to the Hilton dynasty, Paris is a publicity-hungry minx who'll do anything to court press headlines. Including flaunting her gorgeous nubile body at every opportunity, luckily enough for us. She's had minor roles in a few movies and TV shows, but given that she's not a very good actress she's had to rely on her breasts again. Best of Paris! (2005) is a good example, it being a documentary that showcases loads of Paris' oops moments like nipple slips, upskirts and other 'accidental' moments of nudity that the paparazzi just happened to capture on film for our delectation.


Paris Hilton's Nude Scene Clips

Paris Hilton accidentally nude in Best of Paris! (2005)
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Best of Paris! (2005)

This 60 minute documentary of the famous socialite (and when I say socialite, I mean attention-seeking-spoilt-brat) is dull in the extreme except for this cool nipple slip. As she walks along with the paparazzi clicking away all around her, her right breast peeks out from beneath her flimsy top and her nip is visible. Which is of course a total and utter accident. It's not like Paris courts publicity by allowing her tits to pop out in public every time she steps outside her front door. Definitely not.

Paris Hilton shows her ass in House of Wax (2005)
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House of Wax (2005)

This horror movie features Paris as one of a serial killer's victims (yippee!). But before she meets her maker she performs a very hot striptease for her boyfriend. Unfortunately she doesn't get naked, but for all you ass men out there she does strip to her sexy red underwear and bends over seductively, allowing the cameraman to zoom in on her incredible butt.

Paris Hilton has a downblouse moment in The Hillz (2004)
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The Hillz (2004)

In a serious role in a serious movie, Paris still manages to 'accidentally' expose her nipple. As she chats away to some dude, the left one can be seen as silly Paris has forgotten to wear a bra. For a change.

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