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Rosanna Arquette Sex Scene Info

Elder sister of the equally busty actress Patricia Arquette, Rosanna is one of those lucky women to be blessed with a slim body and huge boobs. Thankfully she's been none too shy about busting her tits out in her movies, appearing nude in an amazing 18 of her roles. Her best moment came in the 1993 Jean Claude van Damme thriller Nowhere to Run, where the naughty Belgian catches sight of Rosanna taking her clothes off through a window and hangs around for a nice clear peep at her three Bs - breasts, bush and butt - before she gets into the bath.


Rosanna Arquette's Nude Scene Clips

Rosanna Arquette nipple slip in Diary of a Sex Addict (2001)
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Diary of a Sex Addict (2001)

Look how hot this babe is at the age of 42. That's right, your mom's age. Check out the breasts on this sexy lady as she lies in bed chatting to her man, unaware her nipples are peeking out the top of her bra.

Rosanna Arquette nude in Too Much Flesh (2000)
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Too Much Flesh (2000)

Rosanna is feeling poorly in this clip as she lies topless on her sick bed feeling sorry for herself. We aren't sorry though as we get to feast our eyes on those massive natural tits.

Rosanna Arquette topless in Floating Away (1998)
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Floating Away (1998)

As some guys wheel an old man into an ambulance, Rosanna is totally naked at an upstairs window desperately trying to attract their attention. Unluckily for her (and them) they don't hear her and don't look around, but we get to look as her big tittes swing and jiggle as she jumps around, banging on the glass and shouting before hurriedly pulling on some pants and a shirt. But not before we've seen those puppies frantically bounce around some more. Great rack. Great scene.

Rosanna Arquette topless in the bath in I'm Losing You (1998)
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I'm Losing You (1998)

A short but sweet scene of Rosanna in the bath. As she surfaces after holding her breath under the water, we quickly see her big boobs.

Rosanna Arquette masturbating in the shower in Voodoo Dawn (1998)
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Voodoo Dawn (1998)

A teenage boy walks into the bathroom without knocking and finds a startled Rosanna sitting on the floor of the shower cubicle masturbating! Check out her bouncing boobies as a furious and embarrassed Rosanna jumps up and screams at him to get out. Funny and sexy!

Rosanna Arquette fucking in a car in Crash (1996)
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Crash (1996)

Rosanna's part in David Cronenberg's erotic thriller about people who get turned on by car crashes is of a kinky lady who gets fucked by James Spader in her car. Except he doesn't fuck her in her pussy. Or even her ass. Instead, he fucks a wound in her leg she got when she was in a previous crash. Yep, you heard right. And they both love it. Don't worry though, you don't see anything gross. Far from it, you see Rosanna squeezing her fleshy tits.

Rosanna Arquette undressing before getting into the tub in Nowhere to Run (1993)
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Nowhere to Run (1993)

Naughty Jean Claude van Damme is standing outside Rosanna's bathroom window at night as she undresses and turns on the bath. He at least has the good grace to look a little bit guilty as the muscle-bound voyeur peeps at her strip down to her lacy white undies before taking off her bra and unveiling those large breasts. Then we get the grand finale as she slips down her panties and we see her pussy and ass before she climbs into the tub.

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