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Salma Hayek Sex Scene Info

This magnificent Mexican with the marvellous mammaries first came to global attention at the relatively late age of 29 when she played Antonio Banderas' love interest in Desperado (1995) and unveiled her huge hooters in an erotic sex scene. There followed some barren years in terms of nudity with the odd tit and ass briefly shown, until Salma became more liberal when she hit 40 doing full frontal nudity and finally flashing her bush in Ask the Dust (2006).


Salma Hayek's Nude Scene Clips

Salma Hayek skinny dipping showing her pussy in Ask The Dust (2006)
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Ask The Dust (2006)

Busty Mexican babe Salma may have been 40 years old when she made this movie, but those massive jugs still looked specatacular, particularly in this nude scene when she goes skinny dipping in the ocean under the moonlight. And if you hit the pause button just right you can make out her pussy too.

Salma Hayek fucking Colin Farrell in Ask The Dust (2006)
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Ask The Dust (2006)

Salma lies back on the bed totally naked as Colin Farrell climbs aboard in this steamy sex scene. We are treated to great views of her huge natural breasts as she is fucked and there's a good close-up of her big erect nipples at the bottom of the screen as the director zooms in for a tight shot of the lovebirds snogging.

Salma Hayek unveils her big breasts in Frida (2002)
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Frida (2002)

Not a particularly erotic scene this one, but it is the closest you'll ever get to Salma's huge hooters as there's an almighty close-up of her bare boobs when her character has a plaster cast removed from her chest.

Salma Hayek having lesbian sex in Frida (2002)
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Frida (2002)

This cool lesbian sex scene sees Hayek reclining naked on a bed with her tits and ass on show waiting for her lesbian lover to join her. When she does they indulge in a spot of girl on girl action that'll leave you feeling hot under the collar.

Salma Hayek butt shot in Wild Wild West (1999)
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Wild Wild West (1999)

Salma unwittingly flashes her gorgeous ass at Will Smith and Kevin Kline when she doesn't realise the outfit she's wearing has a catflap at the back that has come undone, allowing the lucky duo a nice peek at the top half of her curvy butt. This is the only decent moment in an otherwise turkey of a film.

Salma Hayek topless in The Velocity of Gary (1998)
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The Velocity of Gary (1998)

Hayek peels off her t-shirt and gets into boyfriend Vincent D'Onofrio's hospital bed to keep him company. As she lies there topless and they snuggle up under the blanket, her right nipple briefly but clearly comes into view for a second when she kisses him passionately.

Salma Hayek nude in Desperado (1995)
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Desperado (1995)

This sex scene launched Salma onto the Hollywood A list as she sizzles in bed with Antonio Banderas. As she lies back on Antonio with her beautiful large jugs showing, he reaches around and cups them, kissing her neck sensually before they make passionate love in one of the hottest Hollywood sex scenes ever made.

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