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Sandra Bullock Sex Scene Info

Unusually for such a massive Hollwood megastar, Sandra has been very careful about which parts of her body she reveals and so far has avoided giving us any decent nuity to gawp at. We saw some brief butt-crack in Who Shot Patakango? (1990) and then some blurry, dark breasts in Fire on the Amazon (1993). She then hit the jackpot with Speed (1994) which catapulted her onto the A list, but it took another 15 years until she got naked again. And even then all we saw was some brief ass in The Proposal (2009), although it has to be said she looked mighty fine for a 45 year old. Considering her age, that's probably it for sex scenes from Miss Bullock, but you never know.


Sandra Bullock's Nude Scene Clips

Sandra Bullock nude after taking a shower in The Proposal (2009)
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The Proposal (2009)

In this pretty silly scene, Sandra has just finished a shower in a house she's a guest in and is looking for a towel. Unfortunately for her the towels are kept outside the bathroom and she has to wander outside naked to get one. She is fully nude but holds one arm across her small breasts and a flannel against her pussy so we don't see much. Except for the fact that Sandra still has a fantastic body for a 45 year old. Anyway, she eventually (and literally) bumps into an also nude Ryan Reynolds in the hallway and we see her hot ass as they both tumble over. It's a quick peek but a good one.

Sandra Bullock naked as she has sex in Fire on the Amazon (1993)
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Fire on the Amazon (1993)

This is possibly the most acrobatic and sweaty sex scene ever made, but unfortunately it only provides quick and dark looks at Sandra's tits and butt as she fucks her long-haired co-star while they're both naked. Use the pause button well as it's the only time you'll see Sandy's titties on screen.

Sandra Bullock shows her ass while undressing in Who Shot Patakango? (1990)
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Who Shot Patakango? (1990)

A super-quick but nice-and-close look at Sandra's ass as she slips off her white panties before unhooking her bra as she changes in a dressing room.

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