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Susan Sarandon Sex Scene Info

Younger viewers may be oblivious to the charms of Mrs Tim Robbins, but in the 70s and 80s she thrilled us with some fantastic sex scenes showing off her curvy figure and awesome full rack. None more so than her steamy, erotic nude scene as a lesbian vampire in The Hunger (1983) where she treats us to almost three minutes of lezzy-loving with equally smoking French babe Catherine Deneuve. For a fully nude scene though look no further than her naked debut in Joe (1970) where she shows her pussy, ass and jugs.


Susan Sarandon's Nude Scene Clips

Susan Sarandon has a boob slip out in Bull Durham (1998)
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Bull Durham (1998)

Sexy Susan is crawling around her kitchen floor looking for a light, and when she reaches up to the counter to grab something her loose shirt moves and we get a nice quick look at her right boob. Not too shabby for a 42 year old broad.

Susan Sarandon has lesbian sex with Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger (1983)
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The Hunger (1983)

This is one of the best lesbian sex scenes in cinematic history. Ms Sarandon spills wine on her white t-shirt and starts wiping her front with a damp cloth, making it go transparent and showing her erect see-thru nipple. The sexual tension between her and Catherine Deneuve is crackling as Susan peels off her ruined top revealing those lovely big breasts and Catherine moves in for a slow sensual kiss. Susan reclines topless on the bed before Catherine moves to join her and pretty soon they are nude, licking, nipple-sucking and fondling each other. An ultra hot girl on girl clip.

Susan Sarandon is spied on as she washes her tits in Atlantic City (1981)
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Atlantic City (1981)

Pervy old coot Burt Lancaster gets an eyeful as he peeps into Susan's window when she lowers her top and washes her large breasts in the kitchen sink. But does she know he's watching? An erotic scene that will thrill you voyeurs out there.

Susan Sarandon nude in Pretty Baby (1978)
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Pretty Baby (1978)

Susan poses for a photographer on a sofa before he persuades her to lower her strap and show her left titty. Pretty soon our persuasive hero gets her to do away with the top altogether and be photographed topless. She even licks her finger and rubs her nipple to make it erect, which is stunningly erotic and gets the photographer a little hot under the collar too. And yes, that is a very young Brooke Shields sitting on the other side of the room before being asked to leave.

Susan Sarandon naked with her guy in Joe (1970)
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Joe (1970)

This was the first time Susan undressed for the cameras as she strips naked and climbs into a bath with her lucky man, showing off her firm but heavy 24 year old jugs and a hint of red bush.

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