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Tanya Roberts Sex Scene Info

It's a little known fact that former model Tanya was one of Charlie's Angels for a season in the early 80s before moving on to TV movies such as Sheena and Beastmaster which, thankfully, required her to get naked and show off her lovely body. Sheena features her totally naked under a waterfall and if you look closely you can see her pussy as she washes herself. Better nudity comes in the 90s when she did many erotic love scenes (often cheesily accompanied by candlelight) in rubbish softcore movies that enhanced her standing as a sexy star, if not her acting credibility.


Tanya Roberts's Nude Scene Clips

Tanya Roberts nude in Almost Pregnant (1992)
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Almost Pregnant (1992)

Sexy Tanya rolls around the bed as she makes energetic love to her man. We get a top down view of her glorious breasts as she fucks in the missionary position (but we also get a good view of her guy's ass, so try not to look that far down).

Tanya Roberts fucking hard in Inner Sanctum (1991)
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Inner Sanctum (1991)

Tanya looks sensational as she wears a fetching set of white stockings & suspenders with matching lacy bra as she is screwed from behind. Then she's naked showing her butt and fake breasts as her man gets a good firm grip around her slim stomach and continues to ram his cock into her from behind.

Tanya Roberts naked as she has sex in Night Eyes (1990)
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Night Eyes (1990)

Miss Roberts sits nude astride boyfriend Andrew Stevens as she gives him a slow, sensual massage. But you'll only have eyes for her lithe body and perky boobs, even when he turns onto his back beneath her and she gets a little playful, dripping hot candle wax on him. Then there's more nudity as they have sex in the shower afterwards.

Tanya Roberts completely nude uner a waterfall in Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984)
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Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984)

Playing the title role as the female version of Tarzan, Tanya's breakthrough role saw her fully nude in a short but sweet scene near the beginning as she showers under a waterfall revealing her pert ass, nice tits and even some bush if you watch in slo-mo.

Tanya Roberts topless in a lake in The Beastmaster (1982)
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The Beastmaster (1982)

The Beastmaster (Marc Singer) spies on Tanya and an equally hot blonde friend bathing topless in a lake. We get a lovely close-up of her rack as she exits the lake and dastardly Marc quickly sends his pet ferret to steal her clothes before she can put them on, which seems to amuse him and annoy her. What a wag that Beastmaster is.

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