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Uschi Digard Sex Scene Info

Cult Swedish star Uschi had the biggest and best tits in 70s cinema. Starring in numerous exploitation films which essentially involved her taking off her clothes and saying a few lines before fucking a co-star (which was quite often a woman) she was on the wall of many a horny teenage boy. She was also one of Russ Meyer's actresses, he being a director who only cast seriously stacked actresses with jumbo jugs and then made them get their kit off - my kind of guy.


Uschi Digard's Nude Scene Clips

Uschi Digard nude in CB Hustlers (1978)
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CB Hustlers (1978)

Uschi revealed her massive mammaries for one of the last times in this movie as her career wound down (she was 34 at the time). And that hefty rack still looked good as she stripped her top off for her partner before riding his cock wildly as the director zoomed in for some close-ups of her 44 inch boobs and a quick view of her pussy too.

Uschi Digard has her big boobs fondled and squeezed in Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)
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Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

The best scene in this silly comedy occurs early on and features our Uschi nude in the shower with a lucky guy who squeezes and fondles her soapy big breasts before fucking her from behind up against the glass shower door. We can see her tits and erect nipples squish up against the door as she is repeatedly rammed. You may as well switch off at this point as it doesn't get much better than this.

Uschi Digard naked riding a lucky man in The Dicktator (1974)
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The Dicktator (1974)

The stacked Swede sits totally naked astride a moustachioed 70s dude with a dodgy perm and rides him like there's no tomorrow. Her large bosoms bounce and sway and her bush is visible as they both cum before lying together for a few moments, at which point 70s dude starts to get dressed and the director leaves Uschi starkers, allowing us a lingering look at her buxom body - this hot lady had curves in all the right places.

Uschi Digard displays her impressive rack in Superchick (1973)
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Superchick (1973)

Uschi plays a lesbian pornstar in this movie which means she is frequently undressed. In this particular scene she is being whipped on set and we see her juicy round ass before the director yells cut and she chats away happily to her co-stars holding a robe in fron of her crotch but letting her huge hooters dangle free. As she walks away her robe shifts a little and we see a flash of bush too.

Uschi Digard topless and showing her pussy in Prison girls (1972)
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Prison girls (1972)

Ah, those infamous 70s prison flicks, dont'cha just love 'em? And what prison flick would be complete without a group of nude inmates in the shower? Well this shower scene goes on for over two minutes, during which time we get close-up, long looks at Uschi's large melons, plump butt and hairy beaver. And as a bonus she starts an argument between some other prisoners who start to grapple on the floor with legs flailing, breasts jiggling and very hairy pussies on show - terrific stuff!

Uschi Digard has oily boobs in this lesbian sex scene in Getting into Heaven (1970)
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Getting into Heaven (1970)

Uschi plays a bisexual called Heaven (note the movie title - geddit?!) who is lusted after by men and women alike. In the best scene of the lot she makes out with a lesbian in bed, rubbing her ass as she lies on top of her before they fall to the floor, snog and rub each other's huge titties. A very sexy girl on girl scene.

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